by Lise MacTague

The lone wolf Snow has her hands full. She and the surviving Alphas of the Chicago werewolf packs have been on the run since barely escaping an ambush with their lives. Whoever attacked them not only murdered Alphas and Betas, but they’ve managed to kidnap most of the werewolf packs in the area. Riding herd on four Alphas, and trying to keep them from turning on each other, is not Snow’s idea of fun.

Cassidy Nolan finally felt like things were coming together, like maybe she could actually be an effective leader. Now, she’s stuck in a van with these other Alphas, all of whom think they should be in charge. At least she still has Snow at her back. Their quarry is elusive, but Cassidy is determined. She will track down her wolves, and no one, not even the other Alphas, will get in her way.

As hope dwindles with each passing day, Snow and Cassidy push forward, strengthening their bond. Will it be strong enough to get them through the trials to come? And if the Alphas can even track down their quarry, will they be able to put aside their disagreements long enough to rescue their packs?

Sequel to Winter’s Moons.



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Genre Fantasy
Publication Date January 11, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474961e

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