Falling All In

by Laina Villeneuve

Podcaster Sarah Cooper is used to giving others advice but when her own relationship crumbles, she’s left floundering. Determined to heal, she decides to turn all her love and focus to her daughter—not on reentering the dating pool. Her resolve is tested when her backyard swimming pool turns green and requires the attention of a tempting new pool technician.

Jasmine Dìaz knows the importance of family, especially found family. She is far too committed to carrying a baby for her best friend to consider a relationship. Even if it means ignoring how her favorite podcaster seems to be flirting with her.

Soon they both start to believe it would be safe to dip just a toe into the dating pool. But can they stop before they fall all in?





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Genre Romance
Length 294 pages
Publication Date January 11, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642475210e
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell



"I hate to admit to people that I listen to country music. There are plenty of songs that force me to change the radio station, but there are also songs that get me singing along, especially when they have clever lyrics. I was immediately taken with Russel Dickerson's "Love You Like I Used To." I knew from the moment he sings that he doesn't love his partner like he used to that the song would be about love deepening over the years. I was already finished with Falling All In and looking for a title when I found myself singing along to the song again. "We thought we knew what it was way back then/ Oh, but I keep fallin' all in/ Higher than I've ever been." It hit me that when I talked to Alex, the owner of my local pool store, about writing this story, he said that in all the years he's worked on pools, he's never fallen in. Now that I've wrapped up the book, I crank up Dickerson's song whenever it comes on, tickled to sing along when he hits the title of my book. To find out whether Jasmine Diaz has ever fallen into one of her pools, you'll have to read the book!"

—Laina Villeneuve


Women Using Words
This is fresh and original storytelling. Villeneuve works to tell a story that affirms identities and validates struggles inside the lgbtq+ community. It’s honest and it’s enlightening. If you are looking for something that’s representative of diverse families and relationships, then be sure to pick this one up.

Jande B. - Laina Villeneuve masterfully crafts a narrative that explores the complexities of love, friendship, and self-discovery. The author adeptly captures the nuances of human connection, intertwining themes of trust, sacrifice, and personal growth throughout the story. Villeneuve's writing style effortlessly draws readers into the lives of Sarah and Jasmine, making us empathize with their struggles, laugh at their witty exchanges, and cheer for their personal triumphs. Falling All In is a refreshing take on the romance genre, offering a poignant and affirming portrayal of love beyond traditional boundaries.

Sophie - It’s an opposites attract romance, packed with emotions and endearing characters.

Jamie R. - The story is engaging and the characters are easy to like and become invested in.

Reading with Caz - Villeneuve delivered a lovely romance. One that will make you re-evaluate what it is to be a family. A great read!

Bonnie K. - Falling All In, is a great read. I loved the characters and was invested in how they think and get through any challenges. It touches on self-discovery, embracing vulnerabilities. family and true happiness. This will keep you captivated from start to finish.

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