Pickle in the Middle Murder

by Jessie Chandler

Shay O’Hanlon had never imagined the Minnesota Renaissance Festival to be a whirlwind of oddity and revelry until her girlfriend, JT Bordeaux—a detective with a penchant for medieval festivities—convinces her to attend. Amidst knights jousting, lively wenches, and vendors hawking their “tasty tonsil ticklers,” Shay’s adventure takes an unexpected turn. Tasked with managing her new dog’s keen curiosity, she stumbles upon a grim discovery in the privy: a dead man with a pickle grotesquely lodged in his mouth. This isn’t part of the festival’s theatrics; it’s stark reality.

The situation spirals when JT is wrongfully accused of the murder and thrown behind bars in a twist as shocking as the crime itself. With her eclectic band of friends, Shay dives into a labyrinth of clues and misdirection, determined to untangle the mystery and unearth the truths hidden beneath JT’s accused facade, all while confronting the shadows of a troubled past.

Book 3 in the Shay O’Hanlon Caper series.





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Genre Mystery
Length 224 pages
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642475999e
Editor Nicole Nugent

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