All the Wrong Places

by Karin Kallmaker

Karin Kallmaker’s first Bella After Dark full-length novel is so hot you’ll need sunglasses to read it!

Brandy Monsoon is looking for love. Since there’s never a shortage of casual playmates at the tropical resort where she works, most of the time she gets it, too. And if Brandy tires of the perpetually curious—but primarily straight—women, there’s always her best friend Tess for a friendly encounter.

When an all-lesbian tour group arrives for a week, Brandy is sure she’ll be in paradise on earth. Among the guests is lesbian celebrity comic Celine Griffin, who has an obvious interest in an after-dinner Brandy. Celine and Brandy do find explosive pleasure together,—so why does Brandy feel as if that’s no longer enough for happiness?

With days and nights so delicious…who cares about tomorrow?

Publisher’s Note: All the Wrong Places has all the romance, humor and passion you’ve come to expect from Karin Kallmaker. It includes a highly explicit range of powerfully erotic sexual situations.



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Genre Romance, Erotica
Length 174 pages
Publication Date September 15, 2004
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781931513760
Editor Christi Cassidy
Cover Designer Bonnie Liss


  • Features two women who know all the games of sex but none of the realities of love.
  • There's a reason it was a Lammy finalist for erotica and romance - there's lots of both!
  • Fans won't want to miss the follow-up stories featuring Brandy and Tess in Frosting on the Cake 2.


Loving Venus, Loving Mars

Reviewed by LVLM Leah - August 2010: "What I really enjoyed about All The Wrong Places is that it was a nice slow build to a sweet love story between Brandy and Tess. I love it when I'm reading and half way through I'm really dying for two people to get together, wondering and hoping that it can work out. I love it when I can feel the ache of the characters and ache myself for them to get what they want. Ms. Kallmaker created that longing and tension in this story, but not in an angsty, heavy way. Ms. Kallmaker’s style of writing is fun and very erotic, meaning, there’s a lot of sex in this book, written fairly graphically. However, it all had its place and nothing felt gratuitous. Nor did it really feel over the top erotic, but more playfully sexy.

Lambda Literary Awards

All the Wrong Places - Finalist, Best Lesbian Romance
All the Wrong Places - Finalist, Best Lesbian Erotica

Lambda Book Report

Reviewed by Bett Norris - Vol. 13.09-10: All the Wrong Places has been nominated for a Lambda Award in both the erotica and fiction categories. Bella Books and Kallmaker's own web site refer to this book as "erotica." Take a deep breath, relax; it's erotic enough to qualify. But there is something more going on here. It has -- gasp! -- a plot... Why can't the author just give us what we want without distracting us with baggage like plot, for heaven's sake? Why can't she simply provide what's required, an evening of steamy sensuality that will send the reader, very bothered and hungry, into the arms of the nearest loved one? The answer lies in Kallmaker's skill and years of experience. She knows how to tease the reader with her expertise. She has a sure hand and a steady eye after fifteen romance novels, six fantasy novels writing as Laura Adams, and numerous contributions to erotic anthologies. She knows how to play with genre; she knows how to respect the reader. She is so good that we don't know we are being manipulated, made to want more than is called for, more than is necessary to satisfy the requirements of both genre and the fan of erotic literature. We are in very skilled hands indeed.

GCLS Goldie Awards

All the Wrong Places - Finalist, Best Lesbian Romance

Bay Windows

Reviewed by Loren King - November 2004 - Popular lesbian novelist Karin Kallmaker's first full-length erotic novel delivers the goods for fans of the author's trademark romantic couplings. But In All the Wrong Places, published under Bella Books's erotic division, Bella After Dark, Kallmaker adds plenty of heart-stopping, toe curling, multi-orgasmic sex to her erotic repertoire which has until now mostly appeared in the author's anthologized short fiction. In this novel, not only does the heroine enjoy lust filled nights with her lover, she rises to make breakfast in the morning for her, too... Kallmaker is a writer deft and experienced enough to invigorate her formulaic story with sexually explicit scenes that generate real heat, because she also knows how to create characters with some depth, even within the confines of the romance genre. And fans of her dyke romances won't be disappointed as the author allows her heroine to lose her heart, while fans of hot sex on the page won't be bored - Kallmaker's efforts here are plentiful, wholly sex-positive, credible and varied.

Wishing Well

August/September 2005 - This is a delightful Bella After Dark story full of steamy sex and strong emotional realizations. Fitness trainer Brandy Monsoon, who works for a resort in coastal Florida, has her pick of beautiful women... As her life changes in unexpected ways, Brandy begins the slow realization of what, and who, makes her life complete. 

MegaScene Women's Issues

Reviewed by Lynn Watson - All the Wrong Places is a rollicking romp of a read. It has a winsome heroine, hot sex, and an interesting plot. If you've been wondering and wishing for a walk on the wild side with Kallmaker, your wish has just come true! 

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