Release the Stars

by Harper Bliss

Can love be measured in percentages?

After her girlfriend leaves her for a man, broken-hearted novelist Charlie Cross moves from New York to Los Angeles to work on a TV show based on her books. Charlie vows to never date any woman who isn’t a hundred percent certain of being a lesbian. But when she is seduced by gorgeous bisexual cooking show host Ava Castaneda, whom she’s had a celebrity crush on for ages, Charlie is forced to review her belief in percentages because true love could very well be on the line.

Release the Stars is a lighthearted, fast-paced contemporary lesbian fairytale set in the glitzy world of Hollywood.



Genre Romance
Length 60,000 words
Publication Date December 1, 2015
Publisher Ladylit Publishing
ISBN 9789881420558e

Customer Reviews

1 review for Release the Stars – eBook

  1. Ameliah

    I really loved the story line in this book. Who doesn’t dream of a chance with her celebrity crush and having that crush want you in the same way?

    The main characters in this tale are great and the secondary characters are wonderful adding to the story. Charlie is so easy to love while being totally frustrating at the same time. She is scared, angry, a bit lost but mostly hurt and confused. She isn’t able to see her role in the breakup, instead focusing the pain and anger toward her ex and the man she married.

    Ava is sweet, charming and genuine. She is also patient, gentle and determined to win her lady’s heart no matter the cost to her own heart. I just adored her to pieces!

    I loved this precious romance and eagerly await Ms. Bliss’ next book in the series.

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