In the Mood for Love

by Harper Bliss

This collection contains seven of Harper Bliss’s signature novelettes. Set in locations from the US to Thailand, from Berlin to Tuscany, these stories are packed full of romance and lady love.

I Still Remember– Successful news anchor Elise returns to her hometown after running away from a love she couldn’t understand nor act upon twenty years ago. When she bumps into her old best friend Amy, the one she had to get away from, all that was left unspoken bubbles to the surface and they revisit the past in more ways than one.

A Higher Education– At an economics conference Gail Garvey ends up sharing a room with a teacher she had a crush on twenty years ago. They’re both professors now, and Gail’s crush has long faded, but finding herself in the same room as Professor Joanne Ferguson two nights in a row proves to be more challenging than Gail would like to believe.

A Hard Day’s Work– Jo fancies her straight, married boss Amanda. She’s convinced her crush is a hopeless one, until a performance review changes everything.

Younger Than Yesterday– Rose’s husband died seven years ago, but when she welcomes an unexpected guest in her Tuscan holiday home, she’s forced to remember what instant desire feels like. Desire for a younger woman no less.

Learning Curve– Ada’s company relocated her to Berlin, provided that she’d take an intensive course in German. It proves to be a steep learning curve, until her teacher Giselle implements some alternative educational methods.

The Honeymoon– A sizzling novelette featuring a couple of newlyweds honeymooning in Phuket. When they encounter a mysterious Asian woman in their beach side resort, they decide to give each other a very special wedding gift.

Piano Lessons– Ruby is finding it hard to get over the break up with her girlfriend, but her piano teacher Jill is not having any of it. After Ruby’s lack of focus makes for another dismal lesson, Jill invites her reluctant student into the home she shares with her partner Charlotte for an afternoon of extreme relaxation, and getting over her ex.

At over 75,000 words, this collection is sure to provide some blissful reading.



Genre Romance, Erotica
Length 75,000 words
Publication Date November 1, 2016
Publisher Ladylit Publishing
ISBN 9789881491022e

Customer Reviews

1 review for In the Mood for Love – eBook

  1. Ameliah

    This is a collection of seven previously published tales all in one handy dandy place, and may I state for the record, WOW! These incredible stories are the stuff fantasies are made of. There are so many different moods and settings contained within the pages of this lovely anthology. Lust, love, romance, excitement, drama, tears and joy and angst… Lost loves and new, cougars and teachers, smut and sex, sultry and sweet… This is a wonderful, wonderful book!

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