Crazy for You

by Harper Bliss

Only love can heal a scarred soul

Jessica Porter is recovering from a medical procedure that has left her scarred, both physically and mentally. Before she goes back to work as a TV executive, she decides to call upon the services of her trusted escort, Laurel.

When a mix-up at the agency brings Liz to her door instead, it doesn’t take long for her to charm Jessica. As Liz’s disarming ways help Jessica slowly open up to the new reality of her body and her life, Jessica finds herself falling for Liz a little more each time.

But can Jessica accept Liz into her life completely, career and all? Or will the pressure of keeping up appearances doom their relationship before it even has a chance to flourish?

Find out in this emotional new installment of best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss’ Pink Bean series.

Pink Bean Series Book 8.



Genre Romance
Length 52,000 words
Publication Date April 27, 2018
Publisher Ladylit Publishing
ISBN 9789887801429e

Customer Reviews

1 review for Crazy for You – eBook

  1. Ameliah

    These special women are so realistic and believable I couldn’t help but love them both and I am sure you will too.

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