More Than Words

by Harper Bliss

Building walls around your heart is easier than breaking them down

Katherine Jones has said goodbye to her job as a luxury lesbian escort to embark on a new adventure. She’s opening a new Pink Bean coffee shop with her best friend Rocco.

To renovate the space for their new venture they’ve hired Rocco’s aunt, Hera Walker. It’s Hera’s first job since the sudden death of her long-term partner and she’s finding it hard to reconnect with her old life. The fact that her first new client is a former call girl doesn’t help.

Can Hera overcome her prejudices and see Katherine for the person she truly is? And will Katherine be able to break down the wall Hera has built around herself?

Find out in this long-awaited new installment of Harper Bliss’s thought-provoking Pink Bean series!

Pink Bean Series Book 9. 



Genre Romance
Length 50,000 words
Publication Date November 15, 2018
Publisher Ladylit Publishing
ISBN 9789887912347e

Customer Reviews

1 review for More Than Words – eBook

  1. Ameliah

    Like everything Harper Bliss writes this is so well written and compelling that you won’t want to stop reading. This is Katherine’s story and it’s a good one. Ms. Bliss shows the struggles she, and her love interest Hera, overcome to become better versions of themselves and grow to be worthy of love and a relationship. It’s beautifully told and so worth the read, even if it ended too soon. I can’t wait to see whose story is next and what adventure they will have!

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