Blind Suspicion

by Stacy Lynn Miller

Justice should never be rushed.

Just when life with Tyler Falling takes shape and Alex Castle decides she is ready to be free of her controlling father, she learns that he has been killed. The news sends her world into a tailspin.

When someone close to the Castle family leaks information that makes Alex look guilty, the police arrest her. Now out on bail, she scrambles to clear her name.

Facing decades of imprisonment has Alex doubting the people she should trust the most—including Tyler. With pressure mounting, Alex fears it will drive Tyler back to the husband who still loves her. Will the actual killer be found before Alex loses her freedom, or will blind suspicion rule the day?

Book two in the Falling Castles Series.

Genre Thriller, Romance
Length 300 pages
Publication Date August 18, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642473599A
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell



"Blind Suspicion, the second installment of the Falling Castles Series, nearly didn’t happen. If not for my friend Barbara Gould, my plotting partner in crime, who had planted her flag and declared herself firmly in the camp of Team Ethan, this world of characters would’ve ended at book one.

In the original draft of this book’s predecessor, Despite Chaos, I had Ethan Falling being killed. Barb convinced me that Ethan was too central to the world I’d created to knock him off in the first round. I’m glad she did because once I changed the plotline in book one—Ethan now surviving the attack—a storyline for book two popped into my head.

Like Despite Chaos, this book started as an alternative universe fanfiction story based loosely on Showtime’s The L Word. Readers of my original fanfiction work will be happy to learn most of that version remains intact. Blind Suspicion picks up at the end of Despite Chaos and continues the drama plaguing Alex and Tyler. I introduce two new characters—Jesse Simmons, Abby Spencer’s lawyer who defends Alex, and Destiny Scott, a bright, ambitious exotic dancer full of surprises."

—Stacy Lynn Miller


Diane W. -…Blind Suspicion which is the perfect title is part hopeful and is filled with loyalty, love, good family dynamics, good budding relationships, the whodunits and the what nots from policing procedures in New York City—plus it looks like this delicious series will continue. A highly recommended book and series!

Della B. - Blind Suspicion is a very satisfying follow up to the cliffhanger from Despite Chaos. Without any preamble Miller jumps right into the story where book one ended. The murder and the mystery which follows is an enticing story. There are a lot of moving parts to the story which holds your attention and fills your imagination.

pipsqueakreviews - I loved the story building in the first book and the introduction of the characters. The background of these characters is complicated and unfortunate, but it set a strong foundation for a good story and the murder mystery in this book.

Meike V. - 4.25 stars. With the first book ending on a cliffhanger, I was very much looking forward to reading this sequel and it was so satisfying. Lynn Miller knows how to keep things interesting and I’m learning that the different volumes in her series never feel repetitive.

Let me start by saying that these books have to be read in order. It’s all about the family dynamics of the Castle family. In book one you learn about William Castle, who’s spearheading the Castle luxury resort chain, and his children, Alex, and her brother Andrew, who are fighting to gain his favor and be second in line. And there is so much more going on in this family, it is complex, but a lot of fun, I like a bit of soap opera drama and these books have it in spades. The second part of the book is where the actual sleuthing starts, and the stakes are high. In summary, drama, romance, and mystery what’s not to like? I hope to see more books in this series.

Betty H. - This is very much a gripping, intriguing murder mystery added to the continued romance between two characters that I fell in love with in the first novel in the series. We see this story mostly through Alex, and boy is she having a bad few weeks. The storyline hits Alex with a murder mystery she must solve, or she loses everything from her freedom, her business, her family, and friends, to possibly even Tyler.

There are also some really good descriptions in this story. I’m still shivering from reading about Alex’s night in jail. The murder and the questions of who did it and why is also quite fascinating. The love story of Alex and Tyler continued to draw me into the story and fit well into the mystery and suspense.

I am totally hooked on this series, and I can’t wait to find out what is going to happen next to this couple. If you have not read these novels yet, I recommend that you read them in order. They are both exceptional books and I recommend them both.

Bonnie S. - Ms Miller’s follow up to Despite Chaos is every bit as good if not better than the first book in this series. Great plot with great characters make for a great read, Very enjoyable read.

Jo R. - Honestly? Stacy Lynn Miller is probably one of the better authors I’ve come across in the last few years. If you want something fresh, gripping, entertaining and keeps you guessing to the end, this author is for you. Blind Suspicion is the sequel to Despite Chaos, another fantastic read, I recommend you read it first.

Laurie D. - This novel is a very enticing and captivating story full of love, drama, loyalty, family dynamics (both good and bad ones), romance, mystery and so many other things …

Deborah K. - When I read Ms Miller's first novel in this series, Despite Chaos, I just loved the story and characters and thought the book was very well written. This book just reiterates all those same feelings and thoughts. The first book in this series spent a lot of time getting to know Alex Castle and Tyler Falling as individuals, this novel really shows them as a couple going through a stressful situation as Alex fights for her freedom and life when she is arrested for the murder of her father. I really love these two women and they seem so right for each other. I am looking so forward to reading the next book in this series. I give this novel 4 ¾ stars.

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