Go Around

by E. J. Noyes

Avery Weston is doing fine.

Sure, she’s not doing as fine as her ex―award-winning actress and current television It Girl, Elise Hayes―but Avery enjoys her work as a Federal Air Marshal and also enjoys almost being over Elise walking out on their relationship fifteen months ago. Until Elise is seated next to her on a flight, and the emotional progress Avery thought she’d made is reset in an instant.

Just like their first flight together, this one also has some bumps. But this time they don’t have to make a go around for a safe landing; they just have to deal with an overzealous fan threatening Elise. And when Elise comes begging for a place to stay until the stalker situation is resolved, Avery has to agree it’s the perfect solution to keep Elise safe. After all, nobody knows Elise Hayes used to have a girlfriend.

It’s only for a few weeks, what’s the harm? Except for some tiny issues, like when you’re still kind of in love with your ex and the mutual spark is as strong as ever, it’s easy to fall into familiar habits. Then there’s Elise’s apologies and genuine regret over leaving, which makes it hard for Avery to hold on to past hurts and sends her simmering emotions to a boil.

But love and sparks aren’t always enough. If Avery and Elise can find a way to move past everything that came between them last time, maybe they’ll get a chance to go around and try landing their relationship again.

Genre Romance
Length 290 pages
Publication Date November 18, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642473254A
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso


GCLS Goldie Awards
Go Around — Finalist, Ann Bannon Popular Choice and Tee Corinne Award for Outstanding Cover Art.
Go AroundWinner, Contemporary Romance: Long Novels.


"You may have heard the writing advice “Write What You Know” thrown around here and there, and by all accounts, it’s super solid advice. Especially for someone like me who genuinely struggles with research (I have the reading comprehension and concentration ability of a foetus and hate asking for help—winning combination for learning things.) Buuuttt…I’m also not good at taking advice, and my approach to this novel-writing gig so far has basically been to write about things I don’t know. Let’s say that if I stuck to writing what I knew, I would have nine very same-same books about…oof, I don’t even know what I am.

I bring up “Write What You Know” because it has always been one of those niggling, pops-up-every-now-and-then-to-whack-you-over-the-head-with-self-doubt kinds of things for me. Until I had a revelation recently that maybe I was writing what I knew. I mean, sure, I don’t know what it’s like to be US Army surgeons, a stockbroker, an ex-professional ski racer turned ski instructor, a divorce lawyer, a person who decides to be alone, one of Death’s Minions, a nerdy IT-type person, a professional dressage rider, and an equine veterinarian, but I do know how to make those people interact with one another. And! I know emotions and emotional reactions. I know how to speak to people (mostly) and thus, how to make them speak to each other. And I know what it feels like to want something so badly it feels like you’re going to melt if you can’t have it.

But back to what I know, or more accurately—what I don’t know. Go Around features a Federal Air Marshal and an actress—two things I certainly am not. But no matter, that’s what aforementioned research is for, right? But…who knew the Federal Air Marshal Service was so secretive?! Not this Australian. Never one to take the easy way out, like changing a character’s profession to something that was more easily researched, I did what I always do—put my head down and charged right through the problem. And maybe complained a little bit. And panicked about the fact I find researching things so troublesome. Luckily a friend of a friend of a friend etc. was able to provide me a little bit of insight into the FAMS, but I vowed that this was going to be the last time—for real serious I absolutely mean it this time—that I gave a character a profession I know nothing about.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go think about the upcoming novels I have planned with a graphic designer, a university German lecturer, an intelligence officer/agent, a student, a young ski-racing professional, Death, a chef, a bank worker, and…and…and…"

—E. J. Noyes


Net Galley
Nutmeg - In Go Around, E. J. Noyes has dipped her toes in the second chance romance pool and was masterful in blending angst, enduring love and suspense in it. The chemistry and dynamics between the pair were thick and palpable but what stood out for me throughout the book was the type of love everyone wished they had; fierce and protective, grounded in loyalty, passionate yet to be able to just be when you are with the other. Noyes also made Bennet, Avery’s dog another highlight for me. He was the tension breaker and a giant darling.

Leah M. - This is one of the few times where I absolutely liked both characters. They were both so different from each other, but you could understand what drew the other one in. Even with the stalker storyline, I felt like this was more character driven and that’s why I was so into this. There are a lot of discussions and arguments between the two as they try to come to grips with their past and try and move on, whether together or separately.

Some people might consider this to be high angst, but it was like catnip to me. Avery and Elise have scorching chemistry and there’s a lot of push/pull between them because the reason for the breakup is still there, but their love for one another is still going strong.

The stalker storyline was also gripping. He’s an unhinged fan and with the way it’s written it felt very realistic and scary. It doesn’t take up a whole lot of page time as it’s more in the background for a good portion of the book; but what is there is a page turner. Highly recommend for fans of second chance and/or celebrity romances.

Carol C. - Go Around, is a 2nd chance type of romance, but it is also a suspenseful story of an obsessed fan. There is romance, mystery, fast paced action and steamy scenes, so yes Ms. Noyes hit it out of the park once again!

J. Beebs - E.J. Noyes is definitely one of the best writers in the lesfic genre. After finishing each of her books, I always ask myself, “How is it possible that with each new book, she completely out does herself?” I am truly in awe of her ability to craft such emotional stories. She is a master at writing in the first-person point of view. She’s able to give the reader so much insight into her lead characters’ feelings, emotions, and thoughts. The celebrity romance is a common trope in lesfic and I eat them up just like zillions of other readers. From word go, readers are taken on an emotionally intense ride throughout several weeks in the lives of Avery and Elise, exes who are caught up in a dangerous web cast by a stalker. While living together, they not only deal with Elise’s life being spin danger but also the feelings for one another that never left after their breakup. The chemistry between the two as well as the love they had for one another was palpable. Their conversations are real, raw, and deep with a little sarcasm and humor beneath the surface. It’s intense, thrilling, and a real page turner. Ms. Noyes, you are an amazing writer and I thank you for sharing your amazing gift with the world. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Cheryl S. - E. J. Noyes is one of my favorite author's. I don't know how she does it but she creates so much emotion, interesting content and characters. Except for 2 action scenes, and some really hot sex, most of the story is dialog. Really, really, good dialog. It is natural, clever, witty and sometimes very emotional. The characters are very likeable and the chemistry between the two main characters is very warm and very sexy. Great story. Another Noyes winner.

Betty H. - Noyes excels at writing both romance and intrigue and it shows in this book. Her characters might as well be real they are so well-written. I’m a pretty big fan of second-chance love stories, and I love the way this one is done. You get the angst you expect from the two women trying to get past the pain of their separation and work their way back to being a couple in love. The outside forces that had a role in their breakup are still around and have to be dealt with. Add in a nasty bad guy (or guys) who are physically and psychologically stalking Elise and you get a tale full of danger, excitement, intrigue, and romance. I also love the Easter egg the author included for her book Alone. I actually laughed out loud at that little scene. E.J. Noyes’ works always get my highest praise and recommendation, and this novel is no different. You really need to read this book.

Cathie W. - A romance/thriller beautifully written starring a second chance for Avery and Ellie. It was difficult at times to like either character for different reasons. This author has an uncanny ability to peel away the layers of her characters to reveal what both really want, a chance at true love that will last this time. They both have to forgive for different reasons, and that is the journey they have to decide is worth the effort.

Sue R. - There is romance, mystery, face paced action and steamy scenes. There is also a very large dog who often steals the scene This is a second chance romance along with a thriller/suspense plot line. I have never met an E. J. Noyes book I didn’t love and this is no exception.

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