Out of the Flames

by Stacy Lynn Miller

Newly minted San Francisco police detective Manhattan Sloane lets no one get close. Especially lovers.

Sloane has her reasons for keeping the world at arm’s length. But then her first childhood crush, DEA Agent Finn Harper, reappears and changes everything. Harper has arrived in San Francisco to investigate a new street drug weaving its way into the city—a drug that has personal ties for Sloane. The two find themselves thrown together as they team up to take down a ruthless cartel lord. Soon sparks fly as old feelings surface, forcing Sloane to face her past in order to build a new future.

Out of the Flames is the breakout debut novel by Stacy Lynn Miller. This is the first novel in the Manhattan Sloane romantic thriller series.

A Manhattan Sloane Thriller.

Genre Romance, Thriller
Length 284 pages
Publication Date April 16, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471328A
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


  • A Bella Debut Novel.

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"Out of the Flames began as a fan fiction story set in the world of Showtime’s The L Word. I’m a devoted TiBetter, who would rather forget the sixth season ever happened—other than Bette & Tina’s happy ending. Flames was the fourth novel-length piece I posted on LesFan.com, home of the world’s most extensive collection of B&T tales. I approached each fan fiction story by re-inventing my favorite couple. I threw them in a new location and gave them careers, friends, and drama much different from the original series. In other words, they were my own stories and characters with a built-in fan fiction readership.

At the heart of Flames is Manhattan Sloane, a kickass San Francisco police detective. Is she anything like me? Other than her East Bay Area roots, criminal justice degree, and several years as a cop and investigator (mine in the military), I’d have to say no. My friends tell me otherwise. They point out that, like me, Sloane faces tragedy but comes out the other side stronger and more determined. I say that’s every woman I know. In essence, Sloane is every fierce, loyal, yet flawed woman in my life.

Sloane’s greatest fear is fire and the destruction it brings. It’s also one of mine. When I was growing up, wildfires threatened our family home twice, once trapping our town in a fiery ring. We escaped both times without a scratch, but that heightened sense of fear never left me. Don’t even think about giving me a candle for Christmas.

Why San Francisco? I grew up in the East Bay Area at a time when San Francisco was depicted in television and movies as the fantastical center of counterculture and social reform. And all of that was right in my backyard. The City became this mythical place like Dorothy’s Oz—shiny, magical, and unreachable. Now, with all the awareness that comes with adulthood, San Francisco is beautiful and dirty, cultured and uncivilized, and a home I don’t recognize. In Manhattan Sloane’s world, I created a version of San Francisco that transported me back to childhood, yet had a footing in reality."

—Stacy Lynn Miller


Lissa G. - This is the debut novel of Stacy Lynn Miller and it's very, very good. The book is a roller coaster of emotion as you ride the highs and lows with Sloane as she navigates her way through her life which is riddled with guilt, self blame, and eventually love. It's easy to connect with all the main characters and sub-characters, most of them are all successful strong women so what's not to love? The story line is really solid.

Lex Kent's Reviews - If you are looking for a book that is emotional, exciting, hopeful, and entertaining, you came to the right place. There are characters you will love, and characters you will love to hate. And the important thing is that Miller makes you care about them so, yes, you might need the tissues just like I did. I see a lot of potential in Miller and I can’t wait to read book two.
Lex Kent's 2020 Favorites List.

Betty H. - If you are looking for an adventure novel with mystery, intrigue, romance, and a lot of angst, then look no further. ...I’m really impressed with how well this tale is written. The story itself is excellent, and the characters are well-developed and easy to connect with.

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