Paradox Valley

by Gerri Hill

Was it an earthquake? A meteor? Or something else entirely?

Running from a marriage proposal in Seattle, Dana Ingram returns to her parents’ farm in Western Colorado for a two-week vacation in Paradox Valley. Only a couple of days into it, however, a small earthquake leaves them without power. Cars won’t start, batteries don’t work and cell phones are useless.

When a Black Hawk helicopter vanishes off of radar, Captain Corey Conaway is sent in to locate it and its crew—all while keeping the disappearance out of the media. When she meets Dana and her cousin, Butch, Corey solicits their help in the search. But as they travel on horseback through the rugged and remote Paradox Valley, what they stumble upon soon has them running for their lives.

Genre Mystery/Thriller
Length 288 pages
Publication Date July 15, 2016
Publisher Bella Books
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan


GCLS Goldie Awards
Paradox ValleyWinner, Science Fiction/Fantasy.


The Lesbian Review
I have always loved Gerri Hill's novels. They have me in suspense and always tell an alluring story. I just thought this was a great book. I love a story that has me scared. I literally was frightened to walk around my house at night or look out my windows.

Lesbian Reading Room
If you like scifi/paranormal with a side order of a sweet romance and like needing the lights on when you read...this is definitely the book for you. I enjoyed it, and will definitely read the implied sequel.

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