My YA novel The Papercutter and keeping the faith in a divided world

The Papercutter author Cindy Rizzo discusses faith and queer awakening in her new novel We’re so used to division now in the U.S. that it’s no longer anything we think about. Of course, the map of the country we see in the news is divided into Red and Blue, with a few states that might […]

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June new releases promise romance

New releases for June are in and they’re heartfelt tales of intrigue, mystery, and romance! From a young Jewish girl’s queer awakening in a dystopian former-U.S. to an older woman solving a mysterious death to win back her first love’s heart, we’ve got the romantic stories you crave! Make sure to check out our May […]

Old Love essay

How my lesfic novel Old Love evolved draft by draft

Writing Old Love was a labor of love for me. I wanted to write a novel with an adult woman; and I wanted to pay tribute to my hometown of Swanville, Minnesota. Swanville could have died if it weren’t for the civic clubs there and the tremendous spirit of community volunteerism that keeps the town […]

One Weekend in Aspen: Navigating the murky waters between erotica and romance

One Weekend in Aspen author Jaime Clevenger discusses the division between erotica and romance in lesfic and where the new novel lands. One evening in late spring 2020, I was at my desk typing away on my latest manuscript—One Weekend in Aspen—when a question popped into my head: What was the purpose of this story? […]

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May new releases are all about romance

New releases for May have arrived and they’re perfect romances for spring! From horse girls finding love to a wild weekend in Aspen, these beautiful and entertaining romances demonstrate how powerful, funny, and cool queer women are. Pas de deux by E.J. Noyes With the Rio Olympics just ahead, Caitlyn feels like the world is […]

E.J. Noyes on her new novel Pas de deux and pony clubs

E.J. Noyes writes about her new novel Pas de deux, pony clubs, and how she met her wife. Pas de deux is a very artistically licensed story about how my wife and I went from being not friends at all when we knew each other as teens in Pony Club, to getting married. I know—what […]

How TV inspired my lesfic novel Love’s No Joke

Love’s No Joke author Cheri Ritz discusses the TV that inspired her new lesfic novel. Do you ever get to the end of a season of a television show and you’re waiting for the next season to begin and you…miss the characters? I do. I love falling in love with a cast of characters. That’s […]

April new releases bring romance and mystery

New releases for April have arrived and they’re chock-full of romance and mystery! From two moms searching for a missing teenager to a sexy scientist falling in love, these fun and exciting romances show us the many facets of queer women in love. And, don’t forget to check out our March new releases if you haven’t already—you […]

Science is sexy from the lab to my new lesfic book Cure for Insomnia

Lesfic author Laina Villeneuve explores the scientific elements of her new novel Cure for Insomnia in part two of this two-part series. (Read part one here.) In the years I’ve been writing with Bella, I’ve taken you horseback riding through the Sierra Nevadas and shown you around some places I’ve loved–Quincy and Arcata where I went to […]


Should I write a sequel? What I’ve learned from 18 years of writing lesfic

Lesfic author KG MacGregor discusses sequels and her new novel Words Unsaid, drawing on 18 years of writing lesfic. One of the greatest feelings I get from readers is when they ask for a sequel to a book they’ve just finished. I take it as a sign they enjoyed my characters and want to spend […]