by Cade Haddock Strong

Everyone fantasizes about winning the big jackpot, but what if you actually won…

Ty MacIntyre’s life changes the instant she wins the lottery. People are after her winning ticket and she’s not sure who to trust. She’s been given the gift of wealth. Will she use it to get her life back on track or will that prove easier said than done?

Karla Rehn is forced to walk away from her dream of being on the US Ski Team. She’s angry at the world—especially herself. A trail of reckless behavior threatens to derail her plans to earn a college degree and become a nurse.

Ty is drawn to Karla the moment the two women meet. Can they guide each other through the obstacles that life has thrown their way?



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Genre Romance, Suspense
Length 292 pages
Publication Date December 10, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594936098
Editor Alissa McGowan
Cover Designer L.J. Hill



"In Jackpot, Margaret McIntyre (aka Ty) wins the big jackpot and the first question she faces is: Who can she trust? A lot of people are suddenly after her for her money and she doesn’t know where to turn for help.

The other main character in Jackpot is Karla Rehn. When we meet her, she’s just skied her final race on the world stage and is forced to walk away from her dream of being on the US Ski Team. She’s mad at the world, especially herself. In juxtaposition to Ty, Karla must give up her dream because her family can no longer afford to support her skiing.

Skiing happens to be one of my #1, all-time favorite things to do and I loved writing about a kick-ass skier like Karla. A large portion of Jackpot takes place in Colorado, a place I called home for a few years, working odd jobs and happily living life as a ski bum until I reluctantly returned to the real world and traded in my skis for a computer.

In Jackpot, Ty and Karla are drawn to each other from the moment they meet but they must each navigate a path paved in pitfalls. Among other things, the lottery jackpot looms large over their relationship. Will all that wealth end up being a blessing or a curse?"

—Cade Haddock Strong


Cathy W. - This is my first time reading a Cade Haddock Strong book, and I must say if they are all as good as this then I shall be looking for more. What I really loved about this book is that it starts at the beginning for both Ty and Karla, it's not a story of they meet and flash back. It starts at the beginning and you get to read their story as they move along. There are many layers to this sweet story which is well written and kept me keen.

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