Maybe Charlotte

by Louise McBain

Charlie Kincaid has moved to Washington, DC, to get away from her spoiled ex-girlfriend Madison and an unsavory association with a popular item at her trendy Portland bakery. The Charlie Pie™ is a delicious frosted blueberry breakfast pastry secretly named after Charlie’s vagina. What was once a sexy secret has turned into the most talked about dessert in southern Maine, with knockoffs in every store and a radio jingle on repeat.

Renaming herself Charlotte, Charlie moves with her twin brother Daniel to the Georgetown guest house of their great aunt, internationally known artist Wellesley Kincaid. Due to mysterious familial reasons, the twins don’t know their aunt, but Daniel plots to change this. Determined to start a glamorous life in a new city, he brings Charlotte along for the ride.

On a wild night out, Charlotte notices green-eyed Lily and sparks fly. When chance throws them together again, the sparks take fire. Charlotte is hopeful to pursue a relationship with the young lawyer, but ultimately loses heart when Lily’s fears of being hurt derail their connection. It’s not until fantastic circumstances involving a decoy aunt and a getaway car bring the women together a third time that Charlotte and Lily are forced to confront their undeniable attraction.

The fledgling romance is threatened when Madison, looking for ways back into Charlotte’s life, makes a surprise trip to DC. Will the trust Charlotte and Lily have built stand up to Madison’s aggressive energy?

Maybe Charlotte is the story of two women overcoming the disappointments of past relationships to forge one uniquely their own.

Genre Romance
Publication Date December 15, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471632

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