The Peace Between the Souls

by Nann Dunne

When Sarah-Bren Coulter informs her family that she and Faith Pruitt are in a committed, intimate relationship, she’s unprepared for the repercussions from her mother, Cynthia, and her brother, Scott. Ironically, Fate intervenes, and Sarah and Faith open their home to Sarah’s parents and to Scott and his family. This generosity brings Sarah face-to-face with a secret from her past. Her struggles to win acceptance by her family are interrupted when the henchmen of an old nemesis, Dr. Joel Litchfield, kidnap Scott’s daughter, Jessica, as a hostage in the aftermath of a bank robbery. With the sheriff immobilized, Sarah jumps in to rescue her. How will Sarah’s actions affect her family? Will they come closer together, or will the violence that results rip them farther apart? Will she and Faith ever find peace together?

Hearts, Minds, Souls Series Book 3.



Genre Historical, Romance
Publication Date December 26, 2019
Publisher Golden Keys Publishing
ISBN 9781633041066e
Cover Designer Nann Dunne

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